Hole 2 - Plateau

This is a relatively short par 4.

Uphill slight dogleg left to an elevated flat-ish green.

A well-placed tee shot should be on the right half of the fairway.

The green apron is gently sloped on the left side but quite steep on the right.

The approach should favour the left side.




Vogeltown Pharmacy is Iconic to New Plymouth and has serviced the surrounding community for over 50 years, David Fabish the Pharmacist is the current owner and was born and raised in Taranaki, he went to New Plymouth Boys High and is proud to be back in the business after doing his placement in the Pharmacy in 1997.

His recent purchase of the Pharmacy has really inspired him to keep things the same on the outside but change the way he presents the Pharmacy to our existing and future customers.

Customer service is key to a great Pharmacy, they have staff that have been there for over 10 years and they are on first name basis with most of their customers, they reward these customers with a fantastic loyalty programme, they also do FREE local delivery with their Pharmacy car which has now proved to be another interest around town and seen by many, named “Cubey”.

David being a local boy knows the importance around communities and supports the local schools, sports clubs and other businesses.

He will always choose a New Plymouth business as a supplier where possible, as this is how we grow as a city.

Golf is his passion and loves to get out on the course as often as he can when you see the “Cube” in the carpark you know he is playing, please say hi, as he loves to have a chat, see you on the course or in store.