Our History

The first golf course in New Plymouth was established in the 1880’s on a property between Breakwater Rd and the railway line to the port.  It was a nine-hole course.  In 1902, the club (Ngamotu) moved to Whitiora at Westown, part of the present site of Yarrow Stadium. 

Since Whitiora was only available on a yearly tenancy, the club (Ngamotu) leased 90ha of Maori land (their present site) from the trustee, Newton-King, which it bought after lengthy negotiations in 1913.  Freehold possession was acquired in 1970.

When Ngamotu transferred to their present site, many members felt the added distance and an increase in annual subscriptions were beyond their means and decided to form a new club – WESTOWN.  This was a short course situated on land where Francis Douglas Memorial College is now.

During the late 1950’s the area around the course was expanding for residences and the members were conscious that the course was somewhat small and cramped – there was 10 par three holes, so it was decided to sell in 1957 to the de La Salle brothers, an Australian Catholic religious order for £15,500.

The Club then went on to buy a 104-acre farm for the same price – and that included a house and various farm equipment, including a tractor.  The course was designed by HG Babbage Consultants and officially opened in 1959.  Most of the work done by club members and friends and at the first ‘working bee’ 183 people helped out.  The original design has not changed significantly over the years.